About us
About us

Kaçmaz Makina is providing contracting services about Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical, Electrical, Decoration, Automation, Maintenance, Operation on Turnkey basis.       

As a result of the experience and knowledge acquired from the projects completed between the years of 1995-2006, Kaçmazlar Mekanik is established in the year 2006 as an unlimited company.   
In the year 2012, Kaçmazlar Mekanik has been transformed into Kacmaz Makina Dekorasyon İnşaat Limitet Şirketi

Services we are providing our Customers

Our technical solutions are applied by taking into consideration 
the national and international regulations with the selection, 
procurement and implementation of materials aimed at protecting 
humans and environment at the utmost level. 

According to project
Our application teams consisting of Engineer, Architect, Technician and Foreman vary between 50 and 250. 
We are providing services all over Turkey and Central Asia.

Kaçmaz Makina Dekorasyon İnşaat Mühendislik
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