Electricity Project Contracting
Electricity Project Contracting

Project Engineering Application Systems 
Low tension power distribution,
Power distribution for Mechanical Installation – engine feeding.
Auxiliary Power Systems ; Diesel  – generator group , Uninterrupted power supply , Central accumulator group .
General lighting Output/information/route  lighting,
Emergency lighting, External lighting (environmental lighting),
Special lighting, Lighting control - obscuring,
Reactive power compensation Protection systems;
Earthing Facility, Lighting Protection System,
Protection from excess tension , Protection from Excess current ,
Protection from Residual Current, Protection from Indirect contact,
Telephone, Information communication net, TV systems, Music broadcast – announcement system,
Call system, Central Time System 
Fire detection and alarm systems Security systems i;
Closed circuit TV system, Burglar alarm systems, Passage control systems,
Electronic guard tour and control system, Gas detection system,
Flooding detection and alarm system, Convention-conference systems,
Sound and image systems, Medical systems, Electronic order call systems, 
Building automation systems 


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